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My name is Alejandra Rivera, but everyone calls me Honda. :) I am currently a freelance concept artist, a constantly learning art student, and live in the city of Santa Clarita, in CA. 
I attended Laguna College of Art and Design, and studied both in the Animation major and the Game Art major, however I was dissatisfied with my education, and discontinued my schooling there, was accepted into Art Center College of Design, but could simply not afford it, I now aspire to learn from individuals, focused courses, and my jobs as well. 
Entertainment art is something I hold dear to my heart, as a child I felt compelled to draw the characters, creatures, worlds, and stories that would live and move within my mind. That has not changed, however my drive and ambition have, I am always striving to learn more, and become a better designer, thinker, and artist. 

Personally about me:

My pleasures in life consist of drawing strange things, eating strange foods, and speaking to stranger people. I also love to sleep under clean blankets, take showers, talk to my boyfriend, and take evening walks with my lazy best friend. I don't want to work to live, I want to work to work, and draw to draw, and create for the sake of creating. I strive every day to do the things in my life for the sake of doing them, and not to simply meet an end, or to gain the fruits of my labor. Because at the end of the day, and at the end of my life, all I could ever have will be the experiences of the actions I took, and the feelings I felt, so I might as well try my best. :)